What are vape kits and how do they differ?

While vape pens and box mods tend to offer more power, they are also much more complicated. Vape kits, on the other hand, can be as simple as a single-use preloaded vape kit, where you just puff to activate the battery and, once it’s gone, pick up a new one. They are designed to offer a simpler, more intuitive and hassle-free vape experience. That said, there are now many more advanced vape kits that still offer a vape tank with easy coil changes, but also offer more power and flavor (if that’s what you’re interested in). You can get some designed just for mouth-to-lung vaping, some for Sub Ohm vaping, and some that can do both. Vape kits come in three main subcategories:

Enclosed, single-use vape kits. These are self-explanatory. They are pre-loaded with e-liquid, have limited battery life (and are not rechargeable) and are there to emulate the sensation of smoking as closely as possible. They are ideal for new vapers who want something uncomplicated that takes up no more space than a lighter.

Open capsule kits. These are refillable and offer an open pod, which means you can refill them several times before the coil runs out. They give you more control over nicotine strength and also allow you to choose more flavors. Sometimes they come with variable wattage options, though there are also many that just fire at a fixed wattage (which means fewer buttons to push and things to check for less experienced practitioners).

Vape kits have been around for a while (they first hit stores in 2017) but every year since then, we’ve seen more and more innovation from the brands that make them. Back when vape started, cigarettes were all you could get. When vape kits came along, they were designed to still offer a very simple setup, but with much better flavor, more vapor and a longer shelf life. Vapers are a demanding bunch. We always want new designs, better batteries, more options and more flavors. Well, the vape giants of the world have certainly delivered, because there are more options than ever before. Vape kits used to be made almost exclusively for new vapers. Now they’re not. Today there are some very powerful vape kits that even the most distinguished Sub Ohm vapers would approve of.

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