Since collagen may be the body’s most abundant protein, it is crucial that we are diligent to make sure we continuously have the adequate amount of collagen protein present in our anatomies.

At around age 25 our collagen production begins to decrease at the rate of 1 1 1/2% per year. With this particular reduction, comes a rise in the noticeability of wrinkles, the appearance of cellulite, loose sagging skin and pain. Because this happens over an interval time sometimes we do not realize the cause. There is absolutely no question though that the reason is the reduced amount of collagen, which happens once we age.

Since you can find no foods available that contain collagen, the only way to improve the amount in our body is usually to be sure to take collagen capsules on a regular basis, right along with your vitamin routine. This can be a very simple way to see a dramatic reduction and reversal of wrinkled skin along with substantial relief of joint pain.

Collagen creams, lotions, or injections are a painful and expensive way to see temporary results. These forms of collagen target just 2 layers of skin deep, although we have 7 layers of skin in total.

The #1 reason they work:

1. So as to see fully recognized benefits, all 7 layers of skin should be targeted internally. The most efficient way to do that, is to take collagen capsules orally so as to concentrate on replenishing our protein from the inside out.

Unfortunately the older we obtain the more noticeable our aging becomes. It can be very frustrating to see our skin getting loose and more wrinkled, as well as cellulite developing. One of the upsetting issues can includes age is the escalating pain that occurs. The fact that these health issues have a solution that comes in the form of collagen capsules is an extremely reassuring and welcome solution.

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