Summer flavors you shouldn’t miss

If you are into vaping, you would be well aware of the fact that it is not much use or fun if that kick of flavor is not present in it. The vape market offers thousands upon thousands of refreshing, enjoyable, and rich e-liquid flavors for you to have a tasteful time in your vaping session. And we all know that as flavors go, there are different ones for seasons to suit the vibe. If you’re looking forward to a fun, flavorful vaping experience, you have come to the right place. Top 5 refreshing e-liquid flavors to try this summer.

Lava Flow Ice by Naked 100:

A smoky take on the classic fresh strawberries served on ice with a lusciously smooth blend of tropical coconuts and juice sweet pineapples, the Lava Flow Ice e-liquid by Naked 100 is just the vape flavor that you need to have a refreshing and fruity experience this summer season. Get your hands on this exciting blend of everything fruity and cool!

Mighty Mint by VGOD Salt Nic:

For the warm summer season heat, you need something fresh and cool, especially when it comes to a heat-inducing process such as vaping. One thing that we can think of that falls under both the categories of “fresh” and “cool” is mint. The “Mighty Mint” by VGOD is a nicotine and salt blend that is your key for a cooling experience in vaping. Keep in mind that this flavor is not for Sub OHM vaping.

Lemonade by Binjai Mint Salt:

When it comes to the summer season and its top flavors, you can’t forget lemonade, now can you? And that is why the Binjai vape e-liquid brand brings to you an exciting blend of salt and mint-infused nicotine flavored just the same as the classic lemonade. You can enjoy this timeless flavor in your vaping sessions too.

Pineapple by Cloud Niners Salt Nic:

The summer seasons and tropical fruits go hand in hand. Pineapple is a true showstopper in many summer treats, including vaping flavors. The delicious tropical burst is just what you need to try out this summer. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the Pineapple e-liquid flavor by Cloud Niners Salt Nic and give your taste buds a treat with a hearty vaping session! This flavor by Cloud Niners is only for pods.

Iced Mango Bomb by VGOD:

Summers aren’t really complete without mangoes, so why not give a mango-flavored boost to your vape too? Another spotlight stealer. this menthol infused mango flavor is a must-have if you are planning a rich and enjoyable vape session with your friends this summer.

You can also check for E-liquid flavors make for a superior, rich, and enhanced vaping experience. If you are more of a flavor lover and are looking for ways to boost the flavor, even more, you can go for a Sub OHM vape. Sub OHM vape tanks use a bigger portion of the e-liquid juice to create thicker clouds and a refreshing burst of flavor. There are many brands that will provide you with the finest e-liquid, like Cloud Niners, VGOD E-juice, Naked 100, Binjai, and much more. All of these brands for e-juices and vaping tools you can find at E-Lite Cigs.